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Jan’s journey began in Kladruby, where he spent 3 years as an Eleve.

After successfully completing the riding school in Kladruby as a state-certified rider, Jan decided to make his dream come true and to turn his passion for training horses and riders into a career.

The main career path for Jan started after graduating from the High School of Horse Riding in Kladruby nad Labem, where he decided to fulfill his dream and do the only thing he really loved, namely training horses and riders to the highest level known as “High School”. He decided to go beyond the Czech Republic. Since then, he has traveled to various stables all over the world from Germany through France to Chicago in the USA. Then, with the assistance of Mrs. Lenka Gotthardova, the former director of the national stud in Kladruby nad Labem, Jan got an offer from one of the best-known German trainers of riding art, Mr. Richard Hinrichs. Because of Jan’s excellent seat and his hard work, Mr. Hinrichs decided to take him for a longer time and give him the opportunity to get a C and B-class trainer license under the German Riding Federation. When Richard said he could stay for a longer time, he added: “I have accepted you mainly because you are not hard on your horse, but mainly on your own.”


Several months later Jan discovered his destiny horse, Levadeur, the Oldkladruber Sacramoso Pandora, and get the opportunity to ride him in shows at „Feuerwerk der Pferde in den Herrenhäuser Gärten“ or the fair „Pferd & Jagd“. He also met some excellent horse riders and equestrian masters, such as Willy Tenhagen, the former Chief Rider of royal stables in the Netherlands and Irene Raab-Hinrichs, an successful rider with many awards.

“You know, when I came to Germany, I did not even know a single German word, and when I was there 4 months, I got the opportunity to do a trainer license which had to be held in 5 months. I did not think that I could do something that difficult, let alone in the German language which I did not know”.

The trainer course included nine adepts from which seven qualified. All of the course had 10 notes. Jan scored an average of 1.65, was pleased not only by himself, but by his attitude, art and knowledge, as well as his teacher Richard Hinrichs and hence the entire Institute for Classical Riding in Hanover.

Now Jan is the only czech owner of this license and the initiator of JNCRA – Jan Němec Classical Riding Art.

Jan’s next life journey continued in Vienna, where he was for a half year in the stable of the long-time Oberbereiter of the Spanish Riding School, Johann Riegler. Today, Jan is building his new JNCRA team in the vicinity of Graz.


International Trainer Classical Dressage (FN)

2x FN Lütke-Westhues Award for Trainer

FN Trainer B – Classical Dressage

FN Trainer C – Classical Dressage

FN Riding badge class I (gold) – Classical Dressage

Riding becomes a real art only when the knowledge of horses with sensitivity is connected to lead the rider’s hands to lightness.


Lessons, clinics, & education

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Instructive for spectators as well. 
We reach world wide and in 3 languages.

With my lessons I would like to introduce to the riders and their horses the principles of classical riding art, from work on the hand to riding itself. I would like to support you and your horse to achieve the highest harmony between you, focusing on the perfect seat with the result of the most sensitive hand and thus achieving a light contact and allowing the horse to do exactly the things that he enjoys and is proud of.To achieve that, I offer riding lessons and the possibility to let the horse be trained by myself near the center of my trainer area near Graz.

Knowledge of the horse’s natural qualities is the basis of riding and should be the main theme of studying each rider.Without this theory, every practice is dubious.

François Robichon de la Guérinière


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